March 23-April 3rd information

Hey guys, I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and missing you like crazy! Everything will be okay! For science, continue to do all the activities on stemscopes. Please do the activities first before taking the assessments. You need to know all of the information that I assigned in order to be successful in science in Junior High. Finish the "Changes to Ecosystems", "Traits," and "Adaptations" first. "Life Cycles and Soils" will be for later on... In Social Studies I am working on getting an online subscription to our History Alive textbooks. So in the meantime please watch all you can on Brainpop. The topics are "Causes to Civil War" and "Civil War." You need to understand what caused the Civil War (slavery is one of the many answers). Please watch any civil war related video on Brainpop. Take your time and space it over several days. Keep notes to help you remember what you are learning. Research shows that if you write it down in blue ink that you are more likely to remember it. Hang in there! e-mail me if you need anything! Love you guys!