About Our School

Ikard Elementary
100 Ikard Lane
Weatherford, TX 76087
Phone: 817-598-2818

Ikard Elementary is surrounded by open fields, a stock pond, a creek and a walking trail which provides opportunities for students to study ecosystems and natural habitats. Ikard is a Title I Pre-K thru 5th grade bilingual campus that hosts the PIC Behavioral Class for the district. Ikard has approximately 654 students and 60 staff members. Ikard has 65% of students on the free and reduced meal plan. Ikard demographics are: A/A .04%, White 53%, Hispanic 35% and multi .06%.


Ikard focuses on the individual need of each child. Focus is on student ownership, choice and future ready learning opportunities. Ikard incorporates Genius Hour, Maker Space and online, collaborative learning opportunities. Ikard partners with community partners Center of Hope and Christ the King Covenant Church to provide after school learning opportunities at the low income Cypress Villa Apartments.  Ikard also provides after school learning opportunities at school for students including tutorials, Robotics Club and Minecraft.


Ikard/WISD Belief Statements

*Innovation is at the core of the modern learning environment.

*Ownership empowers the individual.

*Teachers are constant learners, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

*The cultivation of each student’s skills, gifts, and talents leads to success.

*Relationships are the foundation for student success.


Watch out Roo Nation! Our Ikard Roos have kind hearts, brave spirits and fierce minds!